Roll Repair

Repair of Old Cores / Spindles

The cores of Rubber Rollers on continuous process, gets worn out, resulting in imbalance and other difficulties in smooth operations, so we also offer our services for repairing your old used worn out rollers.

For this process following measures are taken into consideration :

Also, the cores are checked by our engineers to ensure :

Re-Coating of Rubber on Repaired Old Cores/Spindles

After repairing your old core / spindle, the old worn rubber is stripped and its re-coating with new rubber. This further involves curing process, precision grinding, polishing and final inspection.

Your used roller becomes a "like new" roller at a reduced cost and delivery time.

When is a roller due for Re-Rubberizing ?

A rubber roller becomes due for re-rubberising when it develops anyone or several of the following defects :